History & Legend

An aura of mystery surrounding one of the most beautiful legends of the feline world

In the beautiful and ancient land of Burma, now Myanmar, you can see thousands of temples, sacred places and worship where a deeply religious people such as Burma did the reincarnation of his beliefs … It is from here that it all began ! It is said that in Myanmar even before the birth of Buddha, there lived the people of the Khmer who worshiped many gods in splendid temples including Tsun Kian kse goddess of reincarnation of souls. In the Temple of Lao-Tsu, Kittahs guarded by monks, stood the statue of the goddess whose body was all solid gold with big eyes in which shone two Blue Sapphires.
At that time lived in the monastery the most honorable of all Kittahs, has devoted to the goddess Tsun Mun Kian kse which had given them the power to reincarnate in a sacred animal after their deaths. He sat next to Mun Sinh, his dear oracle, a white cat with yellow eyes and feet the color of the earth.
One night when Mun-Ha was in the temple to pray at the feet of the goddess with Sinh, a gang of looters raided and killed him. The animal, seeing his master lying on the ground, climbed over his body, staring into his eyes as the goddess to seek revenge. At that time was a remarkable transformation: the cat’s coat became golden, legs, nose, ears and tail assumed the dark color of the earth while his sapphire blue eyes became like those of the goddess and only her little feet, that rested on the corpse of Monaco, remained white as a sign of purity.
Sinh watched the body of Monaco for seven days and seven nights and then died. “When a cat died in the monastery of Lao Tsun is the soul of a Kittah which was released for good.”

The way in which the breed was spread throughout the world is just as strange. It is estimated that in 1919 two Birman cats have been transported by sea from Burma to France. Although only the pregnant female had survived, it was enough to spread the breed throughout the world.

Thank Francamaria Gabriele, now president of the club A.Ga.Bi, reappeared in 1979 in Italy the Sacred Cats of Burma: Porthos de Tchao Pai and Paquita, and was a big thrill for me to discover that my first Birman Jolie , that is their descendant.

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