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“… The sky is a giant sapphire stone set in which the Earth …” This was believed in ancient times, but i like to think that heaven may dwell in the eyes of a Birman as two bright sapphires … “Sapphire Blue”! Blue has always been my favorite color, i grew up in a small town on the sea and the first thing every morning i looked out the window of my room was an infinite expanse of sky and water in all shades of blue. When i was angry or sad i liked walking on the beach or sit on the rocks to watch the waves crashing on the shore, but today i seek moments of serenity and tranquility in the eyes of my Birman. My name is Rossella now live in another city, there is no sea but i finally got what i wanted a cat for many years, but how could you know i have not only limited to that.   Tks, Rossella


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